Our Story

Golf is HARD. Your footwear shouldn't be. In fact, golf shoes should be SOFT, cushy, and maybe even enjoyable to wear. These simple tenets are helping Tomo redefine the perfect golf shoe. Our products aren’t designed behind a computer screen, but rather tested on real golfers, out in the action. The ideas to create something so comfortable, that you'll never want to take them off. We've kept the soul of a golf shoe in grip and traction. However, the similarities with a traditional shoe ends there. What you'll find instead is a golf shoe that redefines the category with functionality, versatility, and incredible comfort.


We’ve packed our golf shoes with features that enhance your game and keep you feeling comfy and cool. Our custom insole lets your feet feel like they’re walking on clouds meanwhile our outsole material bounces back with every step. When it comes to features, we’ve got your game in mind.


Our unique material and tread patterns provide grip and stability like no other. When compared to other spikes, aka the white golf shoe on the left, our soles will be grippier, tackier and plant you firmly on any surface.


Infused with FLEX Tech, these soles are soft and bouncy. Energy returns with every step, allowing you to walk with comfort and ease. You can expect this cushiony-comfort in all our TOMO styles! 


Our original Vol. 1 shoe was released with a single layer knit upper, which allowed for a gentle contour and maximum airflow. We’ve now introduced a fully waterproof leather option, as well as a premium canvas. Whatever the conditions, TOMO has got you covered!

We’ve spent years developing a product strong enough to perform on the course, and cool enough to wear everywhere else. Finally, we’ve got the shoes that meet the mark. And while we call them “golf shoes”, don’t be fooled. We’ve designed these shoes to go far beyond just the course. 


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